Field Trip

Hi Families,

   We have started to use the Chrome Books more and more in the classroom. The students have recently started doing their spelling sentences through google classroom. I have had a few questions about logging on at home. I will do my best to give directions step by step. I am also putting a link in this email that has a helpful web-page as well!


1. go to

2. Click sign in

3. Put in username(this can be found in your child's assignment notebook. We highlighted it to make it more noticeable.) ** Please make sure to put after their username or it will not work.


4. Type in the password. (this can be found in the assignment notebook as well. We also highlighted it.)

5. Click sign in

6. It may ask their role click student. Hit next.

7. Click my name Sauter (green box with a butterfly background)

8. This will get you to my page.

9. Scroll down and click on U.25 sentences. This will get you to the sentences assignment.

10. Feel free to look around the rest of the google classroom page. It has practice games and other assignments!

-Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, Ms. Sauter


Here is the link: